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    LPU Annual Membership Benefit?

    I want to share my experience about Linkin Park Underground after I joined the annual membership for about a month, so here it is.

    To join Linkin Park Underground, you have to pay, there are 2 kinds of membership, the monthly membership, and the annual membership. You have to pay US $10 to join monthly membership, and for the annual membership, you have to pay $ 60 (about IDR 510,000 more or less).

    You want to join LPU because of the membership benefit that LPU promised, as LPU stated in their website homepage. One of the benefit is: Annual member will have chances for MEET AND GREETS at Linkin Park concerts.

    So, about a month ago when I heard that Linkin Park is coming to Indonesia, I decided to purchase the annual membership of LPU, for the sake of meeting the band members personally. For me, the fresh grads who has just started to work, US $60 is a lot of money. My point is: I made sacrifice to join the annual membership of LPU, for its benefit of course (especially the chances for MEET AND GREETS).

    There are also many others benefit for annual membership like: limited edition merchandise package, live video chat with band members, and access to LP events including International LPU Summits. But the most important benefit is to meet the band personally, which annual member can get in 2 things: LP Events (LPU Summits) and Concert Meet and Greets.

    But hey, I’m living in Indonesia, and I don’t have that much money to fly to USA or Europe in order to participate in LPU summits. The nearest country from Indonesia that held LPU Summit is Australia (CMIIW), On december 2010, Sydney is the lucky city to held International LPU Summits, but still, it’s still non-affordable for me, which left me one option to meet the band personally: CONCERT MEET AND GREETS.

    After waiting about a month after I purchased the annual membership, which is today, finally we, the annual members of LPU, can RSVP for the meet and greets in Jakarta concert by going to this link.

    It is from the official website of Linkin Park Underground, in the meet and greets section. And it goes like this:

    Annual LPU members have the chance to sign up for Meet & Greets at most Linkin Park shows. To RSVP, find the show you’re attending below, then click it. You are RSVPing to let us know you are interested in attending, and this does not guarantee access to the Meet & Greet. We will contact those fans selected to attend the Meet & Greet 2 or 3 days prior to the show date with more information. Fans must have a ticket to the concert in order to attend. Only RSVP one time per show. Space is limited and some exclusions may apply.

    Meet & Greets are only for LPUX Annual members. If you’re not a member, sign up today so you can register for meet & greets. Your meet & greet photos will be uploaded HERE a few days after the show.

    These are the words I find in the meet and greets section, and I’m BLOODY CONFUSED.

    First, there is a statement:

    "This does not guarantee access to the Meet & Greet."

    Okay, we, the LPU annual member, only have chances for meet and greets, the question is, our chance is depend on what?

    Then in the next paragraph, there is a statement:

    "Sign up today so you can register for meet & greets."

    WTF. I sign up, and what I get is uncertainty.

    Yes, annual member can RSVP, and I get a pdf file, and it goes like this:

    Jakarta Meet & Greet September 21

    Stadion Utama GBK

    Wed, Sep 21, 2011 11:08 AM PDT

    SEAT: GA

    NAME: Wiseso, Brian


    Admits One Person


    INSTRUCTIONS: This is NOT a ticket for the meet & greet. Only LPU members who are contacted by LPUHQ are confirmed to attend the meet & greet. If you are selected, you will be emailed with further instructions. If you are selected, please note that you can not bring any guests. If you have special needs and need assistance, we will make arrangements for you.

    Even the PDF file isn’t helping by stating that it is not a ticket, even though I get a code and a seat.

    So for those of you who want to purchase the annual membership of LPU for the sake of meeting the band personally, think again.

    Somebody from LPU Headquarters, let me know how to be selected in Jakarta meet and greets!

    - Someone who purchase LPU annual membership for the sake of meeting the band personally -

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